This is where CBCS & CGC are based and the grading is conducted.

There is currently no provision for this service in the UK.

If you decide to get your books graded, in light of the considerable investment in your it probably a good idea to check that you choose your books that are in the best condition to ensure that you get the higher grades awarded to your books. As an added precaution, it's a good idea for the customer to capture images of the condition prior to sending off for submission. Once your books have been received by The Comic Alchemist Limited, they will be scanned and you will receive images captured of the confirmed condition of your books. We will never handle your books with our bare hands and only use white cotton gloves.

The Comic Alchemist Limited does not guarantee any grades. This is governed and completed solely by CBCS and CGC. If there is any dispute regarding the grade awarded to a book, we will utilise any photographic evidence supporting your claim, but ultimately the decision will be made by the the respective company.

Your books will be posted out to you within 7 days of arrival back in the UK.

Complete turnaround time for your books to be returned to to you is roughly nine weeks. It can take more time, especially after major events like C2E2, NYCC or SDCC. Both companies have the current turnaround times on their websites so please utilise theses resources to ascertain the most up to date information.

Once payment for the The Comic Alchemist Limited Signature Series Service has been made you will have to queue for the signature from the contributors. Some contributors sign for free, others charge fees. In the case of fees being charged you will need to ensure that you provide the appropriate fees per signature as the payment for The Comic Alchemist Limited Signature Series Service only covers the costs for the grading, encapsulation, authentication and shipping of your books. Don't worry, when you fill out the online form charges for the requested services will be calculated on your submission form.

After the first contributor has signed your book, please submit it to the The Comic Alchemist Limited Signature Series stand. We will then arrange for the additional creators to sign your books. You do not need to be present for this, and a fee of £5 per additional signature will be costed into your order.

The picture below acts as a guide on how to prepare your book in advance. Please cut a sufficient size gap in the desired location on your board and place over the front of your book. Then place in a comic bag with a second board at the back securing the comic in place. Then cut out a gap in the plastic bag so that the contributor can sign. Please ensure that your book is not in the bag when making the cut-outs on the bag and board!!

Yes, please ensure they are double boarded and bagged for maximum protection.

Please bring an appropriate colour pen. There is no guarantee that the contributor will agree to this.

Owing to the handling facilitation and shipping costs incurred for each book, we are unable to give discounts. All costs are on a per book calculation which is laid out clearly in our pricing table.

The customer has 5 working days after receiving their books to report the issue to The Comic Alchemist Limited at The customer must provide photographic evidence supporting any claim and include the order reference number in the email subject line. If the package arrives damaged, contact us immediately and do not open before capturing images which clearly depict said damages to the package before opening and/or returned books, as it will be required by our insurers in the event of any claim. Failure to provide the required information in a timely manner could delay and even invalidate the processing of your claim. It is important for the customer to declare the correct fair average market value for replacement of the books when submitting, as this will be the amount paid out in the event of any claim arising. The declared value is vital for the export and import clearance at customs. Failure to declare the correct value could create delays with clearing customs. If the customers books are deemed under-valued by the CBCS or CGC the prevailing rates for the correct service tier will be billed to the customer and will be due before the books are shipped.

Via signed-for UK courier service.

Only signatures witnessed on the day will be guaranteed to get a CBCS or CGC Signature Series label.

If you walk out of the official signing area and return later your book will NOT be submitted. You must give your signed books and voucher to the The Comic Alchemist Limited agent immediately after obtaining the signatures.

Yes, but please contact us in advance for prices.

Yes you can, but at an additional cost of £5 per signature.